Our Mission

Loving Arms Child Care Center is a ministry of Messiah Evangelical Lutheran Church. It is our mission to partner with families to provide the best care and Christian education to their children both within our doors and at home. Everyday we share the wonderful message of our Risen Savior Jesus Christ in our Bible lessons. We want to help children academically, but we also want to help develop their character fostering positive attributes that will make them great citizens after they leave our center.

Dedicated Educators

Here at Loving Arms we have dedicated teachers who have years of experience working with children. Our teachers take the time to plan lessons and activities that are engaging and meaningful to students helping them to grow in all developmental domains. They also are dedicated to working with you to provide the best education and care for your child.

Developing the Whole Child

Here at Loving Arms we are dedicated in our goals to help children grow cognitively, socially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually in ways that are developmentally appropriate to them. We strive to adapt our curriculum to the needs and interests of our students as we see them.

We know that your child is your most precious gift. It would be an honor to partner with you for your child’s growth.  Working with us, you will find a close-knit community for children to learn and grow in so many ways…Read More

Learn more about our classrooms and facilities!

Find our monthly calendar and menu…Read more

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