Classrooms and Facilities

Yellow Room  

  • The Yellow room serves infants from ages 6 weeks to 1 year that are walking.
  • Ratios in this room are 1 caregiver to 3 infants.
  • Within the schedule there is planned teacher-directed play, free play, art activities, sensory activities, Bible time, and reading time.
  • All throughout the day teachers provide care to the children regularly checking diapers and watching for children’s cues on feeding and rest times. When ready, children receive soft and table foods at the scheduled meal times.

Green Room

  • The Green room serves children ages 1 to 2 1/2 .
  • Ratios in this room are 1 caregiver to 5 children.
  • Within the schedule, there is planned sensory and art time, movement and music time, fine motor and gross-motor activities, Bible time, and free play choice time.
  • Throughout the day teachers are responding to children’s needs for diapering and the start of potty training and meals are given at the scheduled times of the day.

Blue Room

  • The Blue room serves children age 2.
  • Ratios in this room are 1 caregiver to 7 children.
  • Within the schedule, the children have time to engage in free play, Bible time music and movement, and small-group times with activities in art and science. There are also times for them to go move in the gym or play outside engaging in gross-motor skills.
  • Throughout the day, teachers are helping children with potty training and encouraging them to use self-help skills building their independence.

Purple Room

  • The Purple Room serves children ages 3 and 4.
  • Ratio in this classroom is 1 caregiver to 10 children.
  • Within the schedule, there is planned time for free play; Bible time, art and science activities; small group time that focuses on literacy, math, and writing skills; and fine and gross-motor skills during time in the gym or time outside time.

Teal Room

  • The Teal Room serves children ages 4 and 5.
  • The ratio in this classroom is 1 caregiver to 12 children.
  • In this classroom the teachers are really focusing on getting the children ready for Kindergarten. Within the schedule, there is time for free play, Bible time, learning centers: literacy, math, writing, and phonics. There are also opportunities for them to engage their gross-motor skills during time in the gym and time outside.

Bible Time

Bible time is an important part of our day at Loving Arms. These lessons are prepared to share God’s Word in a way that is developmentally appropriate to children. The children learn these Bible stories through engaging pictures and other props and by the end of the week, they can tell the story. There is also time spent with memory treasures and a variety of songs. All of the children even the infants respond and enjoy to this time of the day.

Loving Arms Child Care Center is a ministry of Messiah Evangelical Lutheran Church.
Every week on Mondays and Wednesdays all of the children gather in the Church for Chapel. On Mondays our Director gives chapel and on Wednesday Pastor Rockhoff from Messiah gives Chapel. This is a great experience for the children to be together hearing God’s Word and singing praises.

We have a great indoor gym that allows us to give the children movement opportunities to gain gross motor skills throughout the day even when it is too cold or hot outside.

Children love being outside and playing in our outside play area. We have a great Jungle Gym for children to climb and slide. We have bike paths for children to ride their bikes safely. We have an outside Mud Kitchen and House for the children to engage in dramatic play. They get so creative with all of the toys and building materials.

During the Springtime and Summertime, the children have an opportunity to plant and take care of the garden. Watching the different stages of plant growth is a great learning experience for them to understand where their food comes from and to take responsibility of caring for something.

All meals are provided on site. Breakfast is served at 8 am, lunch is served at 11 am, and an afternoon snack is provided at 2:45 pm. All of the meals are thoughtfully and carefully prepared by our wonderful kitchen staff. The menu has a wide variety of kid-friendly food options that provide a balance in all of the food groups.The nutritional needs are met for all the children and special food requirements pertaining to allergies are accounted for in the menu. We want each child to gain the energy they need from a well-balanced meal so they can keep learning throughout the day.